Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look Where We Have Come From

Today is Wednesday March 7, 2012. A year ago today Monday March 7 , 2011 Clay was admitted to PCMC to start chemo and get his line put in. I remember the day so vividly. I was shaking as we drove from Grandmas to the hospital. I was scared, nervous, anxious and sad. I knew we were in a good place when the admitting nurse saw Clay was scared and gave him a stuffed animal from her desk. It was a beanie baby and it stayed on his bed the whole time of treatment. It was mostly used as a throwing toy to torture me or a nurse.
On Sunday I was sitting in church thinking. Thinking about all the kind thoughts words and prayers. The meals that were frozen in the freezer were so helpful and gave me a peace to know there was something the momless family could eat. the coaches and team parents who got Lily and Cole to the games, practices and cages on time, the leaders that got them to mutual and activity days. The moms who grabbed Lily and brushed her hair. The awesome neighbor who took Lily shopping for girly things while mom was gone becasue daddy is, well, a boy. The thanks are in the tens of thousands. The number one person to thank is our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He was by our side the whole time. He gave us peace, strength and faith. He made sure that my son came home with me. He was there to hold our hand and sometimes he carried Clay. He carried Clay when Clay was to weak to take care of himself. I am so grateful for our faith and all that has come with it. Clay was the one getting all the kind words and attention but there are two amazing kids who helped Tad to hold the house down. Both kids had to grow up fast and take care of the home and school work. Both did it well and I am grateful for them. I may want to strangle them every day but I think that is what I love the most.
Thank you to everyone for all you have done for us not only this last year but for the rest of our lives. I hope one day we can repay half of what has been given to us.

Okay so on to some amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were notified a couple days ago that Clays Make A Wish was officially granted. We will be leaving at the end of April for a week. We are so lucky. We get to stay at Give Kids the World. Everyone should google this place, it is, well, there are no words to describe this place. I have been told that it will be remember more than Disney World. We can not wait. We are counting down the days to go, 51 days!!!!!

Loves, Tabby

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